It would be a team building of timelessness, because in the virgin forest are not available phone signal and internet connection.

It would be a world record, maybe even a Guinness record of millenium. Actually, you would be the first among respected empowered supporters of a clean planet, who would perform such a feat in the primally preserved virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside in Slovenia, the first green country in the world, which lies on the sunny side of Europe.

Become the first company in the world and the first team, which would perform a group business feat in the virgin forest Šumik with participation of more than 50 persons, because 99.99% of companies has never organised a team building in the virgin forest yet.

Respected green explorers perceive it as a training of zero gravity. Namely, you would work on yourself in a relaxed manner in groups of up to 10 persons through a game of awakening imagination (ability to imagine, dream), which includes customized activities of green luxury in a real time, which form a philanthropic competition for a clean soul.

Training of awakening imagination lasts 1 day.

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