Natura 2020 – Small. Remote. Unique.

Natura 2020 is a regional point of empowerment for young talents of the economy of ethics of virtue. It is established for promotion of a luxurious green destination for documentary and feature movie production according to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton.

Slovenia is the third country in the European union regarding percentage of forest area, immediately after Sweden and Finland. Its territory has 58.3% of forest land. This fact reflects a national model of sustainable development, which is strengthened by independent strategic consultation, so called business breakfast about ecological humanitarian investment into development of boutique tourism in the area of primally preserved Balkan Peninsula. The aim of investment is the rise of productivity, and development of friendly business environment for investors into tourist industry and transformed cultural heritage.

Training of awakening imagination lasts for 1 hours. traja 1 uro.



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